Cluan Place & “interface” areas, Under siege!

November 15, 2006

The reality of life in Cluan Place for the small unionist population.

This account, unapologetically, sets out to put the record straight. It is essential that the unionist case – one which is not always heard – be told. The people of Cluan Place, Madrid Street, Thistle Court and elsewhere along the Short Strand interface deserve no less.

Cluan Place

Cluan Place is an isolated Unionist area backing on to the republican Short Strand. It is a street of 25 houses. Each home has been attacked at one time or another while some have been attacked on many occasions.

Thistle Court and Madrid Street, until very recently were completely exposed to republican Short Strand and suffered drastically as a consequence. More than 40 out of 79 houses sit derelict in the Thistle Court/Madrid Street area as a result of I.R.A. attacks. After pleas to Government, gates eventually were erected across Madrid Street beside Thistle Court, stopping republican incursions but the missiles continue.

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Rocco – Was abused

November 15, 2006

Roccos video editing by: StrongholdUlster
Intro & outro by: UlsterHistory

I’m a Proud Friend of Israel. Are you?

November 15, 2006

Since September 2000, Israel and its citizens have been going through dark times. Homicide bombers blowing themselves up (and by that taking lives of innocent civilians with them) have become an overwhelming, frightening, everyday sight in the streets of Israel. Israel is being compelled to fight a fierce war against the terror infrastructure of the Palestinians, and now has been forced to open a second front in Lebanon, against the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Friend of Israel

Israel and its citizens need to know their friends and supporters are standing by them at these harsh times!

Are you a friend/supporter of Israel?

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